Success is an Attitude

Everyone talks about success, but no one tells you how to achieve it. It is within: in your ability to challenge yourself every day, in knowing your strengths and setting goals. It is not about being someone else, but instead being the self you’ve set out to be. Because success is also a question of attitude.

Fearless, creative, original, natural: a true ICON man

A question of attitude


The essence of success

Pursue your dream. Be adventurous. Don't forget your roots, your true self. But above all, have fun on the journey.


Every day I try to outdo myself. Where others see difficulties, I see challenges. That is why I understand success as the constant battle with myself in search of new goals and novel challenges.

Turns difficulties into challenges

Creative Creative



Be true to yourself, respect your values, and never give them up. Success means being original and authentic and also—why not?—a bit provocative.

Always trust in yourself.

Always trust in yourself


The meeting of two icons

Two icons from different generations but who share visions of success. For both of them, success is the result of perseverance and hard work. Their paths have crossed many times: in fact, it was Banderas who gave Casas his first opportunity in films and now they meet again to embody two manners of being an icon.

An emblematic piece that reflects the character of its content: serious, elegant, strong, youthful and very masculine. Navy blue is combined with cobalt in a hypnotic play of light and shadow. The silver coin stands out, like the symbol of an icon that catches everyone’s eye.

The fragrance of success

Much like the iconic man it represents, ICON inspires an exhilarating breath of fresh air from the very first moment. Then it expresses its more intense character and reveals the charm of its elegance. But it knows that it’s important to finish in style, leaving behind an indelible mark. That's why it saves the best for last: a magnetic intensity and sensuality. The scent of success.

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